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GOVECS was founded in 2009 with the objective to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable transportation on the leading edge of technology for electrical mobility. Top engineers and designers are working on the development of electric vehicles that combine style and True Electric Mobility.

The result of these endeavours is GOVECS's portfolio: zero-emission vehicles - no fossil fuels, no oil and no compromise. All vehicles incorporate the advantages of electric mobility: They are silent, clean, highly efficient, economical and can be charged at any household socket. Due to clever engineering all GOVECS machines stand out with smooth handling and True Electric Mobility.

Constantly increasing petrol prices, problems of global warming, increasing congestion in urban centres on the one hand, and the urgent need for individual traffic concepts while a growing number of areas restrict the use of polluting vehicles on the other hand call for a smart solution. At GOVECS we have developed a solution which allows a foresight in a better tomorrow already today.

Today, as the demand for energy efficient vehicles is growing, GOVECS is pioneering a revolution in personal transportation.