Frequently asked questions

How much will the power for 100 miles cost me?
The 30mph models consume between £0.45 and £0.80 per 100 miles (depending on the electricity contract). The electricity costs or the necessary kilowatt hours are calculated on the basis of the consumption and the electricity tariffs. Depending on the way of driving and the energy supplier the costs are in the higher or the lower range.

How far will I go on one battery charge?
The range depends on the usual factors such as road condition, hills, temperature, weight of the rider and tyre pressure. The range is moreover influenced by the battery technology applied.  Depending on the model and vehicle the range varies between 30 to 40 mph and 40 to 60 mph.  

Is it allowed to drive on the street with Electric Vehicles?
Our electric scooters are admitted for street traffic. The vehicle requires standard liability insurance. The liability insurance premiums amount to £50 to 120 per year, depending on the respective insurance company. A motor vehicle tax does not occur. Models up to 30mph do moreover not require registration.  

How can I charge the vehicle?
The GOVECS vehicles can be charged through the integrated charger by simply plugging in at any socket. Moreover, cities and communities are currently developing an ever-growing public "charging station network".

How long can I use my battery?
The high-quality lithium ion batteries last at least 31068 miles (the silicon batteries at least 12427 miles). You can find further details in the vehicle descriptions.

Do the batteries have to be completely empty before charging?
No! The provided batteries do not have a memory effect, it is thus possible to charge them at any time and you do not have to fear any disadvantages for the durability of the battery. It even prolongs the lifetime of the battery.

When should the batteries be charged?
The vehicle may be charged at any time as long as a socket is within reach. A short top-up charging increases the range and is not detrimental to the battery, since a Memory Effect does not exist.

Who fosters the purchase of electric vehicles and where?
There are numerous communities and energy suppliers fostering the purchase of an electric vehicle. Depending on the community/supplier the financial aid varies between £ 100 and £ 400. For more details please contact your community or energy supplier. A lot of countries also offer subsidies. Your GOVECS dealer will provide you with more information.


Do you have any further questions?
If you could not find answers to your questions and believe that your topic absolutely belongs to our FAQs, please simply contact us here.