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GO! S1.4

The GOVECS GO! S1.4 is the"Energy to GO!" package within the GOVECS family. Its changeable lithium battery, with a weight of only 15 kg, and the onboard and optional offboard charging possibility allows total flexibility. This is True Electric Mobility.

The “50cc” compatible class model GO! S1.4 is of course equipped with all benefits of the GOVECS family: sophisticated belt drive, low centre of gravity, high torque and „Made in Europe“.

The new C&T is characterized not only by a new design but also through new and innovative technologies.

The front and rear suspension for all GO! S models for instance are newly engineered for 2013, redesigned for a further improved and optimal ride. Furthermore GOVECS engineers have completely redesigned, developed and tested the Battery Management System for all 2013 GO! S lithium models, resulting in the next generation BMS with a 48% less energy consumption. Next to that GOVECS scooters feature the first European electric motor which was strictly designed and developed from scratch for an electric scooter! Important advantages of this new motor are the increased power (+10%) and torque (+13%) and the extended range.

Maximum speed 28 mph*
Range 18-31 miles*
Brakes Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
Tires 130/60-R13, front and rear
Front Fork Hydraulic telescope fork
Rear suspension Mono shock absorber
Battery changeable Lithium pack, approx. 1.5 kWh
Voltage 72 Volt
Weight battery Approx. 15 kg
Battery (estimated lifetime) 31,100 miles
Charger 72 V on board charger (off board charger optional)
Charging time 2 – 3 h, approx. 1 h up to 80% charging
Motor Brushless motor, PMAC with belt drive
Torque 54 Nm
Weight approx. 100 kg
Wheelbase 1.300 mm
Seat height 790 mm
Storage capacity 10 litre
Carrying capacity 2 passengers / 150 kg
Guarantee 24 month
Emissions Zero

The GO! S1.4 is basecloured in "ghost white" with correspondend applications in "sky blue". As accessories you can get a windshield and a top-case-holder (inclusive top-case). Highlights of this model: changeable lithium battery stystem and a overall weight of just 100 kg.